The Journey NEVER ends.

lotr anonymous-a support group for lotr obsessies.
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The Journey does'nt end here no...this is a place where we can talk about what ever we want--as long as it is LOTR related.

+Show respect towards fellow memebers and there ideas.
+Do not TyPe LyKe dIs. Its hard to read and annoying.
+In your first post please state the following:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Book:
Favorite Character:
What do you found most amazing about the stories themselves:

you can say how gorgeous one of the chracters/actors from the movies are...just dont make that all you talk about. talk about the books and the story itself! and tolkein!

grammer and spelling arent really an issue...i have bad grammer and spelling myself.

you may post pictures/drawings/etc. as long as they are lotr related. this is an lotr community.

this communtiy is managed by:

any questions email me at fireinthelight@yahoo.com or IM "a revolution xx"

banners will be up shortly. and once you join...it would be nice if you promoted this community. you dont have to. but it would be nice :)